Our Mission

To connect residents and visitors to all health and wellness providers and practitioners in Orange County.

Our Inspiration:

This idea was born from the desire for local people in Orange County to have one place they could go, or refer another, that hosts all of the health and wellness services/ providers within the county.

We know people are looking for this information, but don’t know where to find it, and we know that there are many services being offered in this small community ranging from medical care to supplemental care, such as massages or Zumba class, but not everyone knows where to find it.

We want everyone to have access to all the services they are looking for that would assist in taking care of themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. There are many individuals and families looking for the resources they need and, in an effort to promote healthy living, we will provide it for them.

Key Contributors

Hand UP OC

an organization that provides free clothing to those who need it.


an organization that works with local charities, government agencies, and development organizations to bring you a better community.

Safe Haven

a resource to anyone who is struggling with addiction.

Healing Arts Center of Southern Indiana

a network of holistic wellness practitioners and services.

So IN Body

a studio and a community of teachers and practitioners located in southern Indiana.

Orange County Health Coalition

A network of safety net providers conducting collaborative need assessments, and building community partnerships that promote health education.

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